Judges Applicant Fact Sheet
American Ranch Horse Association judges are held to the highest quality of standards.  Apply to be an ARHA-approved judge and help improve the quality of our ARHA-approved competition. Judges Seminar will be held twice a year. The following criteria must be met before becoming an ARHA approved judge:

  • Have individual, current-year ARHA membership and be a member in good standing.
  • Be at least 25 years of age.
  • Complete and mail in Judge’s Application and required references.
  • Must attend an ARHA Judges Seminar.

Applicants will be reviewed by the ARHA Judges Committee. Open and closed Rule Book Testing (minimum score required), Video Testing, interview by Panel members, and evaluated for expertise in various events as well as particular judging situations.

Final review and approval will be made by Judges Committee and Executive Committee.

Approved Judges will be contacted by mail within 2 weeks of the seminar and required to re-certify as per recommendation of the Judges Committee.

A complete list of mandatory criteria is included in the Judges Application

“Good judging depends upon a correct observance of the fine points and the selection of the best horses for the purposed described by the conditions of the class. A judge serves three interests: his own conscience, exhibitors, and spectators. He should make it clear that the best horses win.”


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