If you have any questions regarding the show application process, please contact us.

Verify show date(s) with the ARHA office and obtain the Show Application Form and complete the show application. It is recommended that all information is completed before submitting the application although it may be submitted with certain information pending (judges name, etc.). If judge(s) have not been selected, list as TBA (to be announced) - don’t leave it blank. However, the show will not be approved until the pending information has been received.

The show manager and show secretary cannot be the same person and both must be on the show grounds during the show. The Show Secretary must be certified through the American Ranch Horse Association. You may obtain a list of Certified Show Secretaries through the show office.

Mail the show application(s) with appropriate fees. To avoid late penalty fee, the show application must be postmarked 90 days or more prior to the entry deadline or date of the show, whichever comes first. All fees are based on postmark (per show/judge). Postal meters are not accepted.

Show Applications (per show/judge):

90 days or more - - - Full slate of classes (Day) $30/judge/day
90 days or more - - - Split/Combined (classes offered over 2 days) $55/judge
89-60 days - - - Full slate of classes (Day) $60/judge/day
89-60days - - - Split/Combined (classes offered over 2 days) $110/judge
Show Bill posted on web site - - - Mandatory $20 per show

Show Bills that require additional corrections/changes: $20.00/per update

The show bill fee is in addition to the show application fee. Show Approval Fees are non-refundable or transferable. Show applications will not be approved less than 60 days. Approval of the show will not be granted until the show bill or premium list has been received. Show bills should contain the date, location of the show, show management contact information, start time and list of classes. Usually show/office, entry and stall/grounds fees are listed, along with important rules and regulations, and the judges name. Once the show bill/premium is submitted, changes can be amended up to 45 days prior to the show by written notification to ARHA. See the current ARHA rule book for a list of approved classes and class requirements. Show Promotion E-Blaster Request, there is no charge for this but you must use the request form and it must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the request date. See Show Promotion E-Blaster Request form for more information.

When the show approval is granted, a copy of the show approval stamped “APPROVED” will be forwarded to the show secretary with forms needed to report the show results.

All correspondence and the show approval/forms will be mailed to the SHOW SECRETARY unless otherwise indicated on the show application. All revisions must be made in writing and sent to the ARHA Office prior to any changes being made.

It is your responsibility to check the information that is listed on the ARHA web site for accuracy. Check date, location, judges, start time, all phone numbers and email address.

If there are any discrepancies, please contact the ARHA immediately. ARHA does not deal with any contract disputes between show sponsor and a judge, a facility or any other contracted individual, organization or company.

Judges must be an ARHA approved judge. Contact ARHA Office for a current list of approved judges. Judge must not have judged another ARHA approved show within 150 miles of each other within 30 days and cannot officiate two consecutive years at the same show, set of shows or circuit or judge more than 3 shows in one state in one year. Arrangements should be made for the judge such as motel, travel, maps, show bill, signed contract and other arrangements. It is recommended a contractual agreement with the judge be signed before submitting the judge.


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