Q. Does my horse have to be registered through ARHA to show in ARHA shows?
A. YES. Registration allows ARHA to correctly credit points earned in classes, and helps to establish a horse’s show record. The horse will be assigned a permanent registration number, clearly marked on its Certificate of Eligibility. This certificate is required at all ARHA shows as proof of registration.

Q. Why does my horse have to be a registered horse to show in ARHA? A. ARHA sets a standard of the type of horse that can exhibit at their shows. For the horse to be eligible for an ARHA registration, they must be a quarter/stock type, grade horses are accepted but cannot be registered at shows. Grade horses must submit registration photos and videos to the office. No gaited horses will be accepted.

Q. How can I register my horse through ARHA?
A. The registration form is available on ARHA’s website www.AmericanRanchHorse.net and should be filled out at least three (3) weeks before the first show. Horses can be registered at ARHA shows but will incur a $10 rush fee excluding grade horses. The certificate is good for the life of the horse and does not need to be renewed each year.

Q. Why does my horse have to be registered in ARHA and how do I get it registered?
A. Registration allows ARHA to correctly credit points earned in classes, and helps to establish a horse’s show record. The horse will be assigned a permanent registration number, clearly marked on its Certificate of Eligibility. This certificate is required at all ARHA shows as proof of registration.

Q. What divisions are offered in ARHA?
A. Open division, is just that, any member may show in this division regardless of their age, or skill level...professional trainer, amateur, youth, or novice member.
An Amateur is a member who is 19 years of age or older and has not trained a horse or given lessons, clinics, or judged for remuneration (monetary or non-monetary compensation) in the past 3 years or 36 months. A qualifying amateur must also purchase an Amateur division card to be eligible to compete in amateur classes.
Youth members must be 18 years of age or younger as of January 1 of the current year and must hold a youth division card to compete in youth classes.
Novice division is open to any Amateur or Youth member who qualifies for amateur or youth status and has not earned more than 1,000 national points cumulatively in classes (excluding conformation), won a World Championship title in an upper division, ARHA Year-End High Point title in an upper division.

Q. What is the difference between becoming and ARHA member and a state charter member?
A. Becoming an ARHA member entitles you to show at any ARHA sanctioned show. State charter membership is not required to show at any shows sanctioned by ARHA, however, when you become a member of a state charter, you are entitled to earn their awards and benefits they offer. ARHA membership is required regardless of the state or states which you decide to show or become a member.

Q. Can I show any horse in ARHA?
A. The short answer is, Yes, as long as:

  1. The horse either qualifies for registration in ARHA, or already is registered with ARHA;
  2. The owner(s) is / are current members of ARHA;
  3. You are a current ARHA member.

Q. What breeds are accepted in ARHA?
A. All Western/Stock type breeds. Grade horses are excepted but must submit photos and videos to the ARHA Office. Grade horses can’t be registered at a show. No Gatied horses will be permitted.

Q. How are points tallied?
A. For classes with 10 entries or more, first place receives 10 points, second place receives 9, etc. For classes that have less than ten entries, horses will be awarded as many points as there are horses in the class. For instance, if there are four horses in the class, first place receives four points, second places receive three points, third place receives two points and fourth places receives one point. There must be at least two horses in any class for points to be awarded. In conformation, grand champion receives two extra points and reserve champion receives one extra point. ARHA World Show Exhibitors will receive double points.

Q. What is Novice Cattle Designation?
A. Novice Cattle Designation is for Amateur and Youth members who do not qualify for the Novice division, and may be seasoned exhibitors, but have never shown in cattle classes before.

Q. How are points awarded in the different divisions?
A. For youth, amateur, novice divisions, points are awarded on the horse and rider combo. In the Open division, the points are awarded to the horse and any combination of rider may be used.

Q. What do I need to show at an ARHA show?
A. You will need:

  1. Your current ARHA membership card
  2. The horse’s Certificate of Eligibility
  3. The horse owner’s current membership card, if you are not the owner.

  4. Check with each charter on their membership requirements and horse health documents such as negative Coggins and a current health certificate from your vet. Photocopies acceptable.

Q. How do I find out the rules of ARHA?
A. Each current member is mailed out a current Rule Book. It is each members’ responsibility to know the rules and to follow them. A digital version is also available in PDF format on the ARHA website www.americanranchhorse.net If you forget your rule book at home, it can also be downloaded onto your smartphone from the website as well.

Q. What kind of tack and attire is permitted?
A. Working tack and attire is expected in all ARHA classes. Excessive silver or “show” tack and clothing is not permitted. Attire should be traditional western wear, button or snap shirts, western hat, jeans, and western boots. Excessive glitter, stones, or crystals will be disqualified. Halters for conformation and showmanship may be plain leather, rope, or nylon. Tack and clothing should be well-kept, clean and properly fitted to horse and exhibitor.

Q. How should horses be groomed for ARHA?
A. ARHA prefers horses to be exhibited naturally. Banding, braiding (except in roping and speed events), fresh hoof black and tail extensions are not permitted. Clipping is the exhibitor’s discretion. Horses should be well-groomed, and clean.

Q. I’ve lost my membership card / horse’s certificate of eligibility. What do I do now?
A. You may purchase duplicates of your membership card, or horse’s registration, however you will be charged a fee for this. It is highly recommended that each member, upon receiving your membership card and horse’s registration, to make several photocopies and even take clear photos of these documents on your smartphone and save them. You can use those photos at the ARHA shows for checking in. Show binders are popular and can hold all your documents in one place so you are ready for each show.

Q. What equipment is illegal to use on a horse in ARHA classes?
A. Please refer to the rule book for information on legal and illegal equipment.

Q. How long does my membership last?
A. Standard memberships are valid from the date of purchase through December 31 of that year. There are also lifetime memberships available for purchase.

Q. Are ARHA shows PAC approved?
A. Some charters do offer PAC approval. Check with the charter you are interested in showing with and they can tell you their PAC status.

Q. How do I get a point report on my horse?
A. ARHA keeps records on all horses and exhibitors, which may be purchased from ARHA.

Q. I believe there is a discrepancy in my points. How do I get this corrected?
A. Any discrepancies in any record, whether it’s in points, the spelling of your name, your horse’s name, information on your membership card or Certificate of Eligibility, it must be brought to ARHA’s attention immediately. Once points become official towards the end of the year, no discrepancies may be reported. You should check your points for accuracy after they have been posted on ARHA’s website. Generally all points are posted within 30 days of a show.

Q. How can I report an ARHA Judge?
A. Reporting any show official including a judge is taken very seriously by ARHA. Judges are hired to give their opinions on performance. ARHA does its absolute best to approve judges whom the association feels are qualified in accurately evaluate the ranch horse standard. Reports on judges must be made to the ARHA office no later than 10 days commencing the show which the judge was hired. The report form may be downloaded from: http://americanranchhorses.com/forms.asp

Q. Where are the ARHA shows?
A. All state charters offer ARHA approved shows. You can visit any charter’s website for information on their events including clinics and shows. Shows are also listed on ARHA’s website and include links to each charter’s show bill.

Q. I have ideas that I’d like to share with ARHA. Who can I talk to?
A. ARHA welcomes all ideas and suggestions. Feel free to contact us by email: arhaoffice@gmail.com  or by calling 606-271-2963.


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