ARHA is a national association that promotes and values the truly versatile working ranch type horse. The association provides a friendly, family oriented environment where the ranch horses can compete and exhibit their unique skills and abilities. The ARHA is open to all western stock-quarter type breeds and encourages participation from horses on the ranch, the trail or in the show ring.

ARHA offers the convenience of online registration or you can download and print out the Certificate of Eligibility Application and submit it via fax, email or snail mail.

*** A Copy of the Breed Association must be included with this application. Owners name must be exactly as it is shown on the Breed Association papers and the ARHA Certificate Of Eligibility (registration) ***

All horses competing in an ARHA approved events must be registered (Certificate Of Eligibility) with ARHA and use this certificate when entering any approved show.

Please note, the Certificate Of Eligibility registrations are permanent when issued to each horse. The certificate is not renewed each year. A transfer procedure is required to update ownership when a horse is purchased or sold. The Certificate Of Eligibility will be returned to the recorded owner. The owner is responsible for providing photocopy of the COE to any person needing them for entry in any ARHA approved show.

Complete the Certificate of Eligibility Application along with required fees and a copy of the horse’s breed association papers. DO NOT SEND YOUR ORIGINAL BREED ASSOCIATION PAPERS! Please allow 2-3 weeks for the registration process.

Breed Associations accepted by the American Ranch Horse Association:
* APHA (American Paint Horse Association)
* AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association)
* ApHA (Appaloosa Horse Club)
* IBHA (International Buckskin Horse Association - Quarter Type)
* PBHA (Palomino Breeders Horse Association - Quarter Type)
* PtHA (Pinto Horse Association -Quarter Type)
* NQHR (National Quarter Horse Registry -Quarter Type)
* ABRA (American Buckskin Registry Association - Quarter Type)
* Appendix/The Jockey Club Thoroughbred)
* POA- Pony's Of America (*Must be a minimum of 13'2 hands)
* BLM- Mustang Registry- *Must be a minimum of 13'2 hands* *

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